About Inspire the Future

How We Got Inspired

The idea for “Inspire the Future” took root early in Spring, 2020 as we gathered on Zoom/Teams/Skype calls and remarked about the overwhelming number of e-mail subject lines and social media posts that were based on negative, fear-based messages.  People were looking for stories of hope and inspiration to look beyond the moment and imagine better days ahead.

One day, a colleague shared an inspiring story of her little nephew. Just seven years old, Abe had written a letter to his best friend, Eli. Consisting of twenty-one words and written in pencil on a sheet of paper torn from a spiral-bound notebook, he implored Eli to “stay safe and wash his hands,” in hopes that they could play soon.

But it didn’t stop there. 

Not only did Eli reply with a letter of his own telling Abe that he missed him, but he also included a drawing of a new “rocit” he’d built with 837 Lego® “pecis.” 

The story about the innocent, heartfelt exchange between two young boys who found a way to communicate in a simple way, by putting pencil to paper with words and pictures created an emotional response that inspired our team.  We asked ourselves how we could better communicate our SAP message in a more positive, future-facing way to inspire others. And so it began. 

Solutions Inspired by Our Shared Connections

We took a hard look at the challenges, and opportunities, facing you, our customers.  And, we took a fresh look at how to see these through the eyes of Abe, that seven-year-old boy that is your customer.  We wanted to flip things on their head, look at the world with the optimism of a child and really boil down what these challenges mean in simple terms. Each of the stories you will see represented on this site break down the complexities and help you see how you can become a best run company in the eyes of your customers.

Our Journey Continues

We created this experience so that those of you who are new to SAP can get to know us, and those of you who know SAP can get to know a new side of us. Thank you for taking the journey with us and we hope you let us help you write your story.